Marking Funds Received for Financings

Funds from investors should be sent to you, the Company, outside of Carta. You will want to communicate your bank wire instructions to your Investors.

Once investors have signed closing docs and ACH or wired your company the funds, you can select 'Mark as paid' in the Actions dropdown for that investor.

Closing the Round:

Once all documents are signed, you have received all funds and are ready to close the round, you can generate signature pages from the actions dropdown and attach them to the back of each document. You will then upload them back in the setup guide so they will show on the financing record for all investors. Once that is complete, go to the drafts of the certificates (or convertibles), enter the missing required information and issue them out for officer signature. Once officer(s) sign, they will be sent to the investors to accept in their portfolio on Carta. They will have a 'financing record' attached to their certificate with the documents, signature and record of funds transferred to your company.