Right to be Informed

What is the right to be informed?

As a part of the new GDPR regulation, individuals residing in the EU who create data via interactions online (“data subjects”) have certain rights to their data.

One of these data rights is the “right to be informed.” It allows an individual to ask what data a company has on them and what is it being used for.

Carta has a policy not to collect personal data from users without their consent. Exceptions occur when a Carta customer needs to provide us with personal information of data subjects to utilize our software. An example is when a company enters their shareholders’ personal information to issue shares. It is necessary so Carta can contact those shareholders and alert them about their shares.

What can you do?

Carta has implemented a process for individuals to be informed about the data held within Carta, upon written request.

To obtain this information about yourself and your data from Carta, please send an email to privacy@carta.com with a request for data information. Please include your name, email, address, and any other information on your account. This will allow us to identify if there is any data within Carta that belongs to you and provide you with the purpose for processing your data, our retention periods for that data, and who it will be shared with. Carta will respond to such requests within a week and furnish the information within a month.

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