Right to Data Rectification

What is Data Rectification?

As a part of the new GDPR regulation, individuals residing in the EU who create data via interactions online (“data subjects”) have certain rights to their data.

One of these data rights is the “right to data rectification.” It allows an individual to correct any inaccurate data about themself.  An example of data rectification is correcting an inaccurate or outdated mailing address.

While Carta does not use the personal information collected to make decisions that will affect a user’s financial freedom, we do offer data rectification services to best serve people whose data is on Carta, in cases where inaccuracies exist.

What can you do?

What can you do?

Carta has provided tools for you to correct most inaccurate data about yourself. For more information on how to update your information, please click here

If you are unable to correct information yourself, please send an email to privacy@carta.com with a request for data rectification. Please include your name, email, address, and any other information on your account including the inaccurate information displayed. This will allow Carta to assist with rectifying any inaccurate information about you. Carta will respond to such requests within a week and furnish the information within a month.

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