Right to Access and Data Portability

What is the Right to Data Portability?

As a part of the new GDPR regulation, individuals residing in the EU who create data via interactions online (“data subjects”) have certain rights to their data.

Two of these data rights are the “right to data portability” and the “right to access.” They allow an individual to obtain a copy of their personal data from one platform and share it with another without recourse. While we can provide you a copy of your data, depending on the contractual obligations we have with our client, we may still be required to also maintain your records in our system.

What can you do?

Carta has creates a way to provide a machine readable report that can be used by an individual to take from Carta’s system to another. Carta has also created a way to

Please send an email to privacy@carta.com with any request for data access and data portability. Please include your name, email, address, and any other information on your account. Carta will respond to such requests within a week and furnish the report within a month.

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