Completing a Capital Call using Carta escrow account

When a fund initiates a capital call through Carta, you will receive an email notification from 

1. After opening the email, select  'View details.'

2. Select  'View Details' in your account.

3. To view the full capital call notice, select  'Download.'

Sample text below: 

4. To submit funds via ACH select 'Connect.'  (recommended method)

5. Select the '+' in the upper right to add payment methods.

 6. Select 'Connect account instantly' to directly add your bank account. (recommended method)

7. Enter you bank account credentials. 

8. If your bank is not included on the list, select 'Add account manually.'

9. With this method two small test deposits will be made into your bank account in 1-3 business days. These test deposits will come from either "ACH Credit CARTA - DUES" or "CARTA PAYROLL PPD."
Note: Many brokerage accounts do not allow ACH deposits - if you are not receiving the verification deposits, please confirm with your bank that it allows ACH deposits to be made into your account.

10. Once the test deposits have been received, return to the 'Payment Information' page, select 'Actions,' then 'Verify account.'  

11. Enter the two unique deposit amounts.

Once the bank account is connected, transfer funds via ACH by selecting 'Review Transfer'

Review the details of the transfer. Select the checkbox agreeing to the withdrawal and then select ' Transfer funds.'

12. Once funds have been received by Carta you will receive a follow-up email confirming the completion of your capital call.

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