Accepting a Warrant

When a company issues you a Warrant, you will receive an email notification that includes the warrant number in the subject line. 

After opening the email, click 'Accept on Carta'.  If you have an active Carta account, skip to step 2 and login. Here is the direct link:

1. If you do not have an active Carta account, complete the registration page which appears after clicking the button on the email.

Your email address will be pre-filled and you will be required to enter a secondary email and create a password. For our password requirements, please refer to this article

Note: You will receive an activation link on your secondary email and will be required to activate before you can use it to log in. 

2.  Once your account is activated, you will be taken to the page below. To accept your Warrant click the green accept button.

3. Type your signature in the popup. If your signature is already in the system, enter it and then click 'Accept Warrant.'

Congratulations! You have accepted your security.

From now on, you can log into your Carta account at any time to review it. 

Recommended browsers for optimal performance are Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. 

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