Exporting the Reports & Creating Custom Periods

Exporting Expense Reports 

Once you are done creating your corporation's settings, the reports will take a few minutes to generate. You will begin to see the expense complete when the reporting period shows a total expense value and number of awards contained in that reporting period as shown below: 

Once the expense value and total awards begin to appear, you will also see a drop-down menu on the right hand side of the page. Select that drop-down arrow and you will see three options: 

  1. Export Audit Report: This report contains the total expense amounts that will need to be recorded on the financial statements. The report provides all the supporting documentation for how Carta arrived at our calculations, including the daily trading information of the public peer companies, the daily US Treasury Yields, each award's tranche by tranche vesting information, the fair market value data collected and stored within your settings, and much more.
  2. Export Disclosures: This report provides the support and calculation for certain items that will need to be disclosed in the footnote section of your financial statements. It can include, but is not limited to, the option roll-forward, the unamortized expense, the weighted average remaining contractual life, and the Black-Scholes assumption disclosures.
  3. Recalculate Period: By selecting this option, you will cause the system to recalculate your expense, starting from this period until the present period. 

Exporting Custom Period Reports

If you would like to calculate the expense for a period that is outside your normal reporting periods listed in your settings, we can assist you with this as well. Let's say that you record the financial statements on a monthly basis but want to know what your year-to-date expense is. On the top right hand corner of the Expense reporting page, you will see a button titled Export custom period. You will then be asked if you need this report for the audit report (expense totals) or for the disclosure report. 

Select one at time and then enter the custom reporting period: 

The custom period must start from at least the first issuance date of the earliest granted award and must be no later than the last report generated for your normal reporting periods. This custom report will then generate within a few minutes and appear in your downloads folder.

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