'Heads up' email template - Global

Hello, and welcome to Carta!

We are thrilled that you are now a part of our growing network; as part of this network, we recommend sending a heads-up email to your employees and investors explaining that you are migrating to the Carta platform.

Below, you’ll find our suggested template. If you like it, just copy and paste the template into your own email and send it to your security holders to help them prepare to receive their record of holdings. For employees, we recommend sending this email to their current work email address to ensure receipt.

Help them take their next step in ownership management!



I wanted to inform you that we are moving our equity management to a new platform and will now be allowing you to view electronic information about certificates, option grants, convertible notes, and warrants using Carta. With Carta, you can view and print this information at any time. Make sure to retain your paper copies, as they will remain the official record.

This is an exciting step in providing a better equity and ownership management solution to our employees and investors as we become part of Carta’s growing global network of equity holders.

Very shortly, you will get an email from Carta that will tell you to review and accept your electronic information about your holdings. Just so you know, your personal email address may have been used so you can maintain access to the platform in the event you leave the company. We recommend using your personal email address for your Carta account; if you need help in adding this on the Carta platform, please see here. And for information on how to accept, refer to these acceptance instructions. Note that your individual security type will vary.

The email you receive will look something like this:

After accepting the electronic information about your holdings, you can log into Carta and view it at any time. If you have any questions, contact support@carta.com.

Thank you!

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