What and where is my 83(b) form?

What is an 83(b) election?

The tax that is due at the time of exercise is called the AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax) and this is the tax on the spread between FMV at the time of exercise and the strike price. An 83(b) election allows you to be taxed on the date of exercise for an early-exercised option grant or acquisition rather than the date your shares vest and are exercised. It is applicable only when you receive stock as a result of an early options exercise or as a restricted stock award (RSA). In other words, you are accelerating your ordinary income tax for stocks that are subject to vesting. The election must be filed within 30 days of acquisition. 

Consult your tax advisors at the time of option exercise or restricted stock grant to determine whether it is appropriate to file an election under 83(b) and whether Spousal Consent is required for your 83(b) election.

When do I file an 83(b)?

For Restricted stock holders and option holders that would like to file the 83(b) form directly with the IRS, a form must be filled out and postmarked within 30 days of your award date (or exercise date for an early exercise of your option grant).

Where can I download an 83(b) election form?

If you choose to make an 83(b) election, you can download our IRS Section 83(b) Election Form. Along with information on where to send your form is included in the document.

IRS Section 83(b) Election Form

Where is my 83(b) form?

For early exercised grants where the 83(b) election was previously filed directly with Carta, the 83(b) election can be found on the "Exercise record" in the details of the resulting certificate.

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