Printing a Share Certificate Template

There are times, such as a new financing, where a share certificate template is needed to close the round. You can generate and print this template if the user has "Company Editor" or "Legal Administrator" permissions.

1. After logging into Carta, go to the Securities > Shares page.

2. If the share class of the certificate template has not been created, you can do so from "manage share classes" > "create share class", as shown here.

3. Once created, click on the green "draft shares" button.

4. Click on "add certificate" and fill out fields if needed. 

5. When the draft entry is selected, click on the magnifying glass icon in the corner of the right-hand editor panel.

6. Click "print" in the certificate details, then save as PDF or print from your browser settings. For best resolution, using Google Chrome browser is recommended.

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