Printing your Security

Having a portfolio on Carta is great to hold all of your electronic holdings online. However, if you would like to save a copy for yourself, you can print out a copy or save to your local drive. These instructions are Certificate specific, but can be used for other security types.

A. To print/save a copy of your security before accepting, click on "view details" when viewing your Tasks

1. However, most cases, you may want a copy of your security after you have accepted them into your Carta portfolio. After logging into your Carta portfolio (and have selected the desired issuing company, if there are multiple), go to the Investments page.

2. Next, click into the Holdings page.

3. To the right of the desired security's row, click the grey "v" button, and select "view". 

 4. On the modal that pops-up, click the "print" button, which will open the print view in a new tab. 

5. From here, use your browser print settings to open the print settings to print out a copy or save a copy to PDF. 
Keyboard shortcuts: cmd+P (Mac) or ctrl+P (PC)
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