Managing Access and Permissions for your Investors

Investment firms can use the Manage users feature on the Investors > Partners page to add users and permissions on an investor’s behalf for people that need access to their fund investment on Carta.

To add a new user to an investor’s fund investment, click on the ‘Manage users’ link to open the modal. Here you will see all the users that currently have access to the investment and their permissions. Click the green plus button to add a new row.

You need to enter the first name, last name, email and lastly the permissions for the content this user should have access to for this fund investment.

After reviewing the details, clicking ‘Save’ will grant this new access and send email notifications to the updated users as well as this investor’s account administrators.

Here is an example email sent to the investor’s account administrators:

Here is an example email sent to the user with updated access:

When the user logs in, they can only access this single fund investment and not the investor’s full portfolio:

The permissions specified by the fund also restrict the type of content they can see within the fund investment. In the example below, the user can only see ‘Legal’ type documents.

Administrators on the investor’s account can review any added users on their Account > People page. Clicking on the “View” button will open a modal displaying which fund investments this user has access to and their respective content permissions. If you no longer want this user to have access to the investor’s account, administrators can click the trash can icon in the top left of the modal below to remove them from the account.

If you have further questions or comments regarding how funds can manage access and permissions on their investors’ behalf, please contact our support team at

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