Granting Reports Access Permissions

As a policy Carta is unable to sign for audit confirmation letters. Instead, you can provide a user (i.e., auditors) with restricted access to the firm’s portfolio as an alternate solution. Users with “Restricted access” permissions can only view and download Audit Confirmation reports for the selected funds. Your portfolio holdings page will be inaccessible to restricted users and they will be directly routed to the Audit Confirmation reports page.

Below are instructions on how to enable this specific permission and what content will be accessible to the user for the selected funds.

Navigate to the 'People' page of the investment firm.

Select 'Add user'.

Input details for the user that should be added to the investment firm. Enable the toggle next to ‘Restricted access’. Select ‘Set restricted access’ to take you to the next modal where you can select the specific funds.

Designate the entity the new user should have restricted access for in the investment firm.
This information can be edited after inviting users to the investment firm by selection the 'Edit' button on the 'People' page.
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