Receiving 701 Disclosure Document

Before the 701 Disclosure packet is sent out, the admins can elect to send an email notice to their recipients regarding the new document. 

If elected for email notifications to be sent, here is an example of the email that will be delivered: 

1. Despite whether an email notification is sent or not, you will have a task to add the 701 Disclosure document to your portfolio. Click on "add document" to proceed.

2. Once added, you can view the document in the Portfolio > Documents page. 

3. From here, you can click on the "v" to the right of the document's row and select "view document". 701 Disclosure documents cannot be downloaded for security purposes.

4. When viewing the document, you will see that the view-only PDF is watermarked for confidentiality.

If you have questions about the document or the details of your security, you can reach out to the issuing company from your Holdings. Learn more.

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