Updating Stakeholder Properties

The stakeholder ledger allows companies to view and modify information for a person that holds multiple securities across the company, such as names and email addresses of accepted securities.

1. Navigate to 'All Stakeholders' under Stakeholders to view the stakeholder ledger.

Note: the number of stakeholders in this list includes canceled and expired securities - the number of stakeholders listed under the Stakeholder ledger is different than the number used for billing. See how stakeholders are counted for billing here.

2. If you need to correct/add properties, such as relationship or cost center, connected to the stakeholder, select 'Edit stakeholder properties' in the drop-down menu for the appropriate stakeholder.

You are then able to update the information as needed. The standard properties are "Cost Center", "Relationship", and "Job Title". The account's admin can create custom properties if needed. Learn more.

1. If you need to bulk update the name or email address connected to the stakeholder, click the green "Manage" > 'Update properties'.

2. Then click "download template" under Step 1.

NOTE: The exported template will have a tab for each property. The grey columns are to be left unedited, while the updated properties will be added to Column F and G. Once the sheet is complete, upload the sheet to Step 2 of the previous modal.

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