"Heads up" email - for LPs

Welcome to Carta! We are thrilled that you are now a part of our growing network; as part of this network, we recommend sending a heads-up email to your investors explaining that you are migrating to the Carta platform.

Below, you’ll find our suggested template. If you like it, just copy and paste the template into your own email and send it to your LPs and holders to help them prepare to receive their securities.

Hi [Name],

We are excited to be utilizing a new service provided by Carta that allows you to track your fund ownership along with all of your other private equity and private fund investments in your Carta account.

Moving forward, [Firm Name] will utilize the Carta platform as an encrypted portal to provide copies of fund closing documents and to distribute your K-1s, capital call notices and distribution notices.

Very shortly, you will receive an email from Carta that will ask you to review and accept your electronic fund investment. For information on how to accept your issuance, please refer to these acceptance instructions.

Please forward the email notification you receive to any relevant parties and/or investment administrator(s) that help administer your finances. If you prefer future email notifications to be sent to a different email address, please notify investorservices@carta.com. The email you receive from Carta will look like this:

After creating an account, you can log into Carta at any time to view your holdings and related documents. If you have any questions about how to use your Carta account, please contact Carta support at investorservices@carta.com or (801) 890-7542 from 7:30am to 5:30pm PST, Monday through Friday.

Thank you,

The [Firm Name] Team

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