Managing board users

Setting the board admin

Board admins can manage users, meetings and draft resolutions (note: board admins cannot publish a resolution. To publish a resolution, you must be a legal admin.)

1. To set up a board admin, go to company > permissions and roles > roles

2. Scroll down to Board admins section. Click on the plus icon to add board admin.

Adding board users

1. To add board user, go to company > permissions and roles > board

2. Click Add member

You can either add a Current member or a Past member. After you add a board member, the user will receive an email notification to sign up on Carta. To see the status of an invitation, visit the list of board users. The correct status will show in the status column

Managing board users

1. To delete a board user, click on the right-hand drop down next to their name

2. When you edit a board user, you can only change their end date.

Tip: When a board member needs to change an email, delete the user and add a new one with the correct email. Another option is to ask the user to add a secondary email.

Managing groups

You can use groups to create a board of directors group, committees, or list of shareholders.

1. To add a group, got to company > permissions and roles > board > groups

2. Click add group. In the modal, you would be able to enter group name and add users who would belong to the group.

Now you can view who belongs to the group, add and delete users or the group itself.

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