​Creating a Resolution

1. To create a resolution go to board > resolutions and click create resolution. 

When you create from a template, you can leverage templates that were prepared by Carta or were created before.

When you create a new resolution, you can set up a resolution from scratch by editing text.

Customizing a resolution

Option grants block

To leverage integration with Carta and get option grants approved, add “Option grants draft summary” block

You will be able to select option grants that you want to approve (you can filter option grants by draft set) and get a summary pulled from Carta with the information your board members need to know to approve option grants.

409A block

To leverage integration with Carta and get 409A report approved, add “409A report summary” block.

You will get a summary pulled from Carta with all the information that your board members need to know about the recent 409a report.

File block

To approve a file as an attachment, add a file block. You can either select a file to be uploaded from the file explorer or by dragging and dropping files.


Carta resolutions provide powerful editor functionality that allows you to format text and retains formatting when text is posted from Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Settings of a resolution

Consent types

Carta resolutions support board approvals. All board approvals must be approved unanimously.

Expiration dates

For option grants it is essential to approve grants before FMV (Fair market value) expires. Cart figures out when your FMV expires and sets it as a default date. You can always set up a custom date and override FMV expiration date.

Fixing option grants errors

Sometimes when you publish a resolution, not all options grants are correctly set up. Carta does all the health checks and points you to potential problems.

By clicking “Update option grants” you can go back and update all necessary errors.

Automatically generated folders

Whenever you add files to resolutions, Carta automatically generates a corresponding folder in Documents > resolutions and saves all files there. It’s a great way to keep access to all corporate documents in one place.

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