Is my client eligible for Launch and when will they need to upgrade to a paid plan?

Carta’s Launch Plan is available for early stage formations with 10 or fewer total stakeholders on the cap table, and raised up to $250K in investor securities (any security -- common, preferred, convertibles, etc.). Companies on Launch have access to issue electronic securities, option grants, exercise on Carta, and utilize our board resolutions tool.

In addition, the company:

  • Must be incorporated in the United States
  • Cannot be an LLC

Carta will contact your client to ask if they’d like to upgrade to paid subscription if ONE of the following conditions apply:

  • Surpassed the 10 stakeholder limit on cap table
  • Raised more than $250K in investor securities
  • Require a 409A valuation service from Carta
  • Require access to detailed reporting on Carta (only the Cap Table Summary Report is available under Launch) 

You can review the detailed Terms of Service agreement that the company signs here.

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