How can I add convertible notes, SAFEs, preferred stock, or warrants using Launch?

If the company has convertible notes, SAFEs, issued stock options, or issued preferred shares, the company still qualifies for Launch as long as the total amount raised does not exceed $250K and stakeholder count does not exceed 10 stakeholders. 

To add convertible notes or SAFEs to the company's cap table, navigate to the top panel under Securities and select Convertibles. Follow the step by step instructions on how to issue individual convertible notes.  To return to the current "wizard" setup guide, hit "Complete Setup" located at the orange banner at the top and can follow the steps to complete onboarding the client to Launch. You can add preferred stock, dual class common stock, or add warrants in the same way by navigating to the top panel. 

Once you create additional classes of stock and issue certificates, you can always download the latest version of your client's cap table by navigating to the Review step of the "wizard" setup guide and click "Download Cap Table in Excel."

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