I don’t have access to add companies to Launch, or I tried to add a company to Launch but received a “permission denied” message.

In order to add companies to Launch, you must be a user added on the law firm page and have “Company Editor" or "Legal Admin" access at the company. 

1. If you are not added to the law firm page, please contact your legal administrator at your law firm to be added. The administrator needs to hit "Add User" to grant you access.

2. If you received a permission error while adding a company to Launch, you ran into this error because you require "Company Editor" or "Legal Admin" Company access.

If there is an existing administrator at your law firm, please contact the email address we provided you -- this is the law firm administrator at your law firm who can grant you access. The administrator needs to log into Carta → People → Locate you on list --> Edit --> Under "Default Company Access" select "Company Editor" or "Legal Admin" --> Update permissions.

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