Enable Trading: Add Wire Account (non-US resident)

Once you have created an account, and accepted your securities, there are two more steps you must take before you will be able to place trades through the platform: your profile information must be completed, and bank account information must be uploaded to your portfolio. This article discusses the steps to add Wire account information to your portfolio.

1. If you do not yet have a bank account uploaded, a banner similar to the one below will display. To add account information, click the link in the banner, or click Account > Settings, and then click the ‘Payment Information’ tab on the left hand side.

You will see a page similar to this:

2. Clicking the green ‘Add New Bank Account’ button will generate the three questions below. If you bank outside the US, the workflow will default to ‘Wire’, as ACH transactions are not supported for non-US residents.

3. Clicking the green ‘Add Bank Account details’ will take you to the next screen, which will have three sections: Beneficiary Details, Bank Details, and Account Details. The ‘Beneficiary Details’ section asks for details specific to the account holder:

4. The ‘Bank Details’ section asks for details about the specific branch at which the account resides:

5. And lastly, the ‘Account Details’ section asks for routing information specific to the account. If you are unsure about any of the information in this section, your bank will have the information close at hand.

6. Once you have completed the information and click ‘Save’, you will be taken to the Intermediary Bank Instructions page. Intermediary banks are typically used if your transaction would require a foreign-currency translation; if you are unsure if you should include these details, the best course of action would be to reach out to your bank.

7. Clicking ‘Save’ here will take you to a page that will allow you to review the information you have input, and if everything looks correct, you can then save the wire information.

If you have any questions about any of the information requested, feel free to contact Employee Trade Services by email at employeeservices@carta.com, or by phone at 801-783-4989.

***all screenshots in this article reference data from a demo site; none of the information displayed relates to any real-world companies, people, or holdings.

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