Enable Trading: Complete your Profile (non-US resident)

Once you have created an account, and accepted your securities, there are two more steps you must take before you will be able to place trades through the platform: your profile information must be completed, and bank account information must be uploaded to your portfolio. This article discusses the steps to complete the information in your profile; if you need to add bank account information, this article will walk you through adding a Wire account.

1. If your profile information is incomplete, you will see a blue banner, as in the image below, inviting you to complete your profile information. To navigate to the profile information page, click the link in the banner, or click the ‘Account’ dropdown, and select ‘Settings’.

1a. If you have not yet updated any of the information in your profile, you will see a page similar to this:

2. Clicking the grey ‘Edit’ button at the top right will generate a modal window that will allow you to enter your personal information. The first page of the modal allows you to enter your personal information:

3. The next page of the modal asks for information pertaining to your employer:

4. The next window asks for four pieces of information related to international tax treaties, and are used to complete Part II of tax form W-8BEN.

5. And the final page of the modal asks for an e-signature that the information displayed is correct. This e-signature allows Carta to generate tax form W-8BEN electronically and attach a completed copy of the form to your profile. (More information on form W-8BEN can be found in this article.)

To sign, click the checkbox that says ‘I agree’, click into the signature line, and type your name as it appears below the line.

6. Clicking ‘Save’ will apply the changes to your portfolio, and bring you back to the Profile page, where you will see your information displayed:

The digital copy of Form W-8BEN that Carta has generated can be viewed, by clicking the link displayed above (outlined in blue).

You will notice as well that your “Compliance Status” will still read ‘Not Compliant’; this is because Carta’s Compliance team will need to verify your information, which can take 2-3 business days from the time you complete your profile information. Once the Compliance team signs off, your account status will show as ‘Compliant’, and you will be able to transact.

***all screenshots in this article reference data from a demo site; none of the information displayed relates to any real-world companies, people, or holdings.

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