Application overview

Issue Shares

Issuing shares made easy

To get started, your administrator sets up your company on Carta and invites you and your management team to participate. As a corporate officer, you can view your cap table and certificate ledger anytime.

With the company set up, your administrator will issue shares. Our electronic certificates capture important data like vesting schedules, price per share, liquidation preferences, etc. You can add notes and documents so they're always just a click away—no more lost paperwork.

Electronic signatures save time

As soon as the shares are issued, you'll receive a notification that you have certificates to sign. Log in to Carta, and you can easily view the certificates, vesting schedules, liquidation preferences, and more. Sign all the certificates with a few clicks, and we'll send them to the shareholders automatically.

A beautifully simple cap table, updated automatically

Once you've signed the certificates, we'll notify the shareholders that they've been sent electronic certificates. The shareholder creates a Carta account and accepts the certificates in minutes. They can log in to Carta at any time to view and print them, and even track gains and losses.

Best of all, your cap table is updated automatically to reflect the new shareholders. With no spreadsheets to calculate and no lost paperwork, your cap table is always up-to-date and accurate. And because we've captured price per share, liquidation preferences, and vesting schedules, you can easily model your cap table in future scenarios.

Issue options

Easily create an option pool and issue grants

Issuing options has never been so simple. Your company administrator (often your lawyer or paralegal) will create your option plan on Carta by uploading your plan documents and setting the size of the pool.

Under this plan, your administrator will issue option grants. Carta captures important grant data, such as vesting schedules, exercise periods, and more.

Sign options electronically

As soon as options are issued, you'll receive an email notification that there are grants waiting to be signed. Log in to Carta to see the grant details, including full vesting schedules, attached plan documents, and more. Sign all of your options with one click, and we'll automatically send the grants to the optionholders.

A dashboard for option holders

As soon as the grants are signed, the option holder receives a notification that the company has issued options. The option holder creates a Carta account, and can review and accept the options in minutes.

Carta takes the mystery out of options by giving option holders a dashboard where they can view vesting progress, calculate the cost to exercise, and more. We'll even remind option holders whenever new options vest.

Exercise options

Exercise options with one click

Exercising paper options is a time-consuming process that involves updating spreadsheets and FedExing pieces of paper, along with hundreds of dollars in legal fees.

Carta makes exercising options seamless. Based on the vesting schedule, we'll automatically calculate how many options can be exercised. Enter the number of options to exercise, upload a payment receipt, and click ' Exercise'. In one step, we'll exercise the option grant and issue the certificate to the new shareholder.

Your cap table updates automatically

With the options exercised and the certificate issued, you'll see both changes reflected automatically in your cap table. We'll even track the new certificate to the option grant that created it, so your cap table stays clean and organized.

Welcome your new shareholder

We'll automatically notify the new shareholder that they've been sent an electronic certificate. The new shareholder can log in to Carta to accept the certificate, view and print it, and track gains and losses.