Legal Administrator Reference Guide

1. Onboarding a Company

A) Set up a company - self service

B) Onboarding Set Up Guide for Law Firms

C)  I've already issued paper certificates. Can I still issue electronic shares?

D)  Which email addresses should be used for issuances?

2.  Users/Settings

     A)  Company Access Page

B)   Assigning and changing signatories

C)   Enabling Electronic Exercise

D)   Editing option exercise approver

E)   Reviewing and approving option exercises

F)   List of all notifications

3. Templates/Documents

A)  Manage your Company Library

B)  Manage Templates (overview)

I.     Manage your equity plan documents

II.    Manage your legends

III.  Vesting Schedules

1)   Manage your vesting schedule templates

2)   Create a vesting schedule

3)   Create a custom vesting schedule

4)   Create a Milestone Vesting Schedule

5)   Reflecting Hybrid Date-Milestone Vesting on Carta

6)   Accelerate Vesting

4. Securities

     A) Shares

I.     Create a Share Class

II.     Authorized Shares

III.   Issue Share Certificates - Individually

IV.    Issue Share Certificates – Bulk Import

V.    Modify Certificates

VI.   Transfer shares

VII.  Repurchasing shares

VIII.  Issuing a stock split

      B) Equity Awards

I.    Create an Equity Plan

II.   Increase/Decrease the Pool

III.  Option Plan Pour-Over Feature

IV. Option Grants

1)   Issue Grant Options - Individually

2)    Issue Grant Options – Bulk Import

3)    Modify Option Grants

4)    Exercising an Option Grant Manually

5)    ACH Exercise Infographic

6)    ISO/NSO Split

7)    Updating Post Termination Exercise Periods

8)    Terminating an Employee's Option Grant

9)    Exercise Expiration Notice

V.  RSAs 

1)   Set up Repurchase Period for RSAs  

2)   Issuing RSAs

3)   Purchase Board Approved RSAs

     C) Warrants

I.     Create Warrant Blocks

II.   Issue Warrants - Individually

III.   Issue Warrants – Bulk Import

IV.   Exercise Warrants

D) Convertibles

I.    Create Note Block

II.   Issue Notes - Individually

III.  Issue Notes – Bulk Import

IV.  Issue SAFEs

V.   How do I find the interest payment ?

VI.   Convert Notes

5. Compliance & Misc.

A ) 409A

I.     Add a Fair Market Value

II.    What data will I need to provide to complete a 409A valuation?

III.   Valuation Date

B) Compliance

I.    Choosing federal exemptions

II.    $100K Rule

C) Board Approvals

I.    Create Board Approvals on Carta

II.    Sending Option Drafts for Board Approval

III.   Upload Historical Board Approvals

D) Financings

I.   Financings Overview

E) Offboarding

I.   Company acquired?

II.  Company went public?

III. Company sold?

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