Portfolio Completeness

Investors use Carta to track and manage their portfolios in one place.  Portfolio completeness measures how many of your companies are Carta customers versus the total companies in your portfolio.  The more companies in your portfolio that sign up with us, the more useful Carta becomes!  Here’s why:

Investment Details

Each investment includes a detailed transaction record, including the individual stock certificate with date, share count, and cost per share.

Cap Table Access

You can ' Request Cap Table' for any of your investments.  Once the company has granted you access, you can export the current or historical cap table as of any date in the company’s life.  This is useful for quarterly or year-end reporting purposes.

Next Round Model

You can export the current cap table to our pro forma spreadsheet with auto-populated formulas.  This makes it easy to model the impact of new investors, pro rata participation, and/or an option pool refresh.

Subsequent Round Value (Coming Soon)

Since securities are issued on Carta, we push the most recent round price to your account as the default investment value.  This helps you see the gain or loss on each investment.  You can edit this value at your discretion and it is kept confidential to your account.  We also offer valuation services to determine the GAAP value for financial statements and auditing purposes.

Waterfall Liquidation Analysis

We enable one-click exit scenario modeling.  Export the current cap table to our waterfall tool with auto-populated formulas to track fund flow by round and by shareholder, taking into account liquidation preferences and other rights and privileges.