Fund Administrator Overview

Investment firms assign Fund Administrators to accept and manage securities on Carta. 

Purpose of Fund Administrators

Issuing certificates and other securities to individual stakeholders is straightforward. At investment firms, often the stakeholder and the person handling the day-to-day operations are two different people. Securities are issued directly to funds. For these reasons, investment firms can designate Fund Administrators on Carta.

Note that until a Fund Administrator is designated, securities are sent directly to the email associated with the security. Once an Carta staff member designates a domain (and/or individual email addresses) to reroute and a Fund Administrator is assigned on the Investment Firm's People page, emails are rerouted. It's worth noting that an investment firms can assign multiple Fund Administrators.

How to assign a Fund Administrator

Email and ask us to set up a fund administrator for your account.

What the issuing company sees

When a company issues a security, they will be notified that a Fund Administrator will receive the security on behalf of the recipient or fund. 

Note: the email address for the original recipient is still listed.

The green checkmark and tooltip are also visible when you click on a security to view its details.

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