Using Account Check

Account check is used to review the status of your company before going live. We run several automated checks on your account to ensure the integrity of your data and the completeness of the account setup. Once a cap table is imported, the account check begins running in the background. When it has finished, you will be able to view the results under the 'Account check' link in the sidebar.

You can use the Account Check as a checklist to make sure that you've completely imported your company data. For each check that fails, we will provide you with a list of corrections to be made. You can make the corrections via the green button on the right side of each error or through the application as usual. When you have made your corrections, run the check again to be sure that everything looks correct.

Modify Individual Securities

To modify a security from the account check, choose the modify button to bring up the modification window. You can then enter the data into the necessary fields. Press ' Save Modifications' at the bottom of the window. 

Bulk Modify Errors

To make bulk modifications, use the ledger page for the type of security you want to modify. Read our article Bulk modifying certificates for more information. If you would like to bulk modify securities via an excel spreadsheet, contact your onboarding manager who can provide one for you. When you have completed your modifications, return to the Account check page and run the check again.

Certificate Details

Clicking on the prefix number will open more information about an individual security so that you can view it's legends, vesting schedules, stakeholder details, and more.

Error Types

Critical Errors

Critical errors are marked with a red "X". These are related to the integrity of your company's cap table and will prevent your company from going live. 

Warning Errors

Warning errors are marked with an orange exclamation point. These are related to information which is required to issue securities and will prevent your company from going live.

Information Errors

Information errors are marked with a purple question mark. These may prevent some securities from being issued to their recipients and some reports from being run. These should be resolved (if possible) before you go live.