Issue Option Grants - Bulk import

1. To issue an option grant, navigate to 'Equity awards' under Securities. Then click 'Draft options.'

Note: If you are not able to access the 'Draft Options' button, check your permissions on the Access page.

2.  Click 'Add Option Grants' then select 'Import multiple option grants.'

3. Download the template and change the information to your desired specifications. Once you upload the updated spreadsheet, click 'Next: match spreadsheet columns.'

4. If your spreadsheet uses different column headings than the certificate fields, match them to the appropriate fields. Then hit 'Next: review data.'

5. If there is an error, go back and correct it. If there are no errors, click  'Import data.'

6. You are then able to update each individual option grant if needed. Just click on the desired option grant row, and make edits on the right-hand side. 

After the upload is completed, the drafts page will automatically run checks for duplicate stakeholders against the existing stakeholders from the Stakeholders > All stakeholders page. If the check identifies a duplicate stakeholder, a red banner will appear for you to (1) create a new stakeholder or (2) match with an existing stakeholder, for each identified entry.

7. Next, select each option grant you would like to be sent for signing. Then click, 'Send.'

Note: Users at "Company editor" level are able to draft the option grants up to Step 5, but "Legal Administrator" must issue at Step 6.

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