Manage your equity plan documents

1. To upload or modify your option plan documents, you can do so from the 'Templates' under Securities.

Click "Create Document Set to update the equity plan documents or click "Edit" to modify the existing documents.

2. To create a new document set, choose document set type, set title and attach the documents. 

You may create multiple document sets from one type (e.g. ISO Installment, ISO Early Exercise, NSO Early Exercise).  These document sets will be automatically applied when drafting new equity awards out of the Equity Incentive Plan. Please make sure the documents are either blank or show "As described on Carta."

3. To apply the document set, go to 'Equity awards' under the Securities tab. Review the final documents applied in the attachments and notes section of the draft page.

4. Select the document set in the 'Attachments and Notes' section of the draft page to apply the documents.

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