Issue restricted stock awards (RSAs)

1. To issue restricted stock awards (RSAs) start by clicking 'Equity awards' under Securities, then 'RSAs' and 'Draft shares.' 

These shares will be deducted from the equity plan.

2. Click on the draft that you would like to edit.  

For shares that have been approved by the board but not purchased yet, choose "Board approved" under status.  To see how these shares can be purchased from the ledger once paid for by the holder, click here.  

3. For Board Approved RSAs, click 'Add to ledger' 

Click "add to ledger", then "add to ledger" again after reviewing the issuance.
Since these stocks are not purchased yet, they are not sent for officers' signature. Purchased RSAs are sent to officers. 

4. To see how Board Approved RSAs are shown in the cap table, navigate to 'By share class' under Capitalization.

Once purchased, RSAs will move to Common class.

Note: If you are unable to see the 'Draft Shares' button, please contact your law firm or administrator to change your permission level.

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