How to create a board approval

1.  To create a board approval, add all your board members onto Carta.

2. Navigate to 'Approvals' under Board. 
  • If you already executed a board approval but your board has updated since then, click 'Manage Board' to update your board members. 
  • If this is your first board approval or your board hasn't changed since your last approval than simply click 'Create approval.'

3. Select a resolution type and paste the appropriate resolution language into the "Resolution Text" field. 

Note: you should consult your legal counsel to obtain the proper language before you send a board approval. 

4. If you are an administrator click 'Send board approval.' If you are not an administrator you can click 'Notify administrator' to notify your Carta admin.

Sending Board Approvals for Option Grants

To send board approvals for option grants, you must create a draft grant first. You can do this by navigating to 'Equity awards' under Securities, then clicking 'Draft options.'
Then, follow this article here to learn how to draft a grant. 

What a Board Approval Looks Like

Here's what the email looks like when you send a board approval to your board members to approve and sign.

1. Upon login, a board member will be able to review the pending approval before clicking 'Sign Board Approval.'

2. The board member will adopt the resolutions by typing their name and electronically signing the approval. 

3. Once the board approval is complete, you will receive an email confirming this.