Create a custom vesting schedule

1. To create a custom vesting schedule with any number of tranches vesting at any date, click 'Equity awards,' then 'Draft options.' 

This feature is useful for vesting schedules that do not fit into standard schedules.

2. Click on one of the option grants - this will take you to the Draft page. Scroll down to 'Vesting Schedule,' then click 'Create custom schedule' in the "Schedule" drop-down box.

3. To attach custom vesting schedules to a security with no vesting schedules by 'Actions,' then 'Add vesting schedule.

4. To modify the vesting schedule on a security, select 'Actions,' then 'Modify vesting schedule,' and finally click 'Create a custom schedule.'

There are three ways to input a custom vesting schedule:

For milestone vesting schedules, click here.

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