Bank Account Setup - Investment Firm

To set up a bank account for a fund in your investment firm, select the fund you would like updated and navigate to settings under the account drop-down menu.

Click on 'Payment Information,'  then under ‘Accounts’ click the ‘+’ sign and select 'Connect bank account instantly.'

Select your bank account from the drop down menu.

Enter your bank account information and click 'Submit’.

If you cannot connect instantly, click 'Add account manually'.

Enter your Name, Routing Number, and Account Number and click 'Next'.

It will take about 2-3 (before was 1-3) business days for the verification deposits to be placed into your account. Two small deposits will be made into your bank account. These deposits will come from either "ACH Credit CARTA - DUES" or "CARTA PAYROLL PPD".

You can access the verification fields by going back to the same page and clicking 'Actions', then selecting 'Verify account'.Enter the first deposit as the "First value," and the second deposit as the "Second value." Click 'Verify Account'.

Note: You can connect one bank account for each fund's portfolio at a time. If you would like to make updates or replace your existing bank account, reach out to with the last four digits of your current account.

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