Onboarding Set Up Guide

Welcome to Carta! Once you sign up, you will be able to start the onboarding process by clicking into your company. 

The first section is for you or the other company officers to complete. Your legal counsel has been invited to import the cap table, add cap table details, and upload documents. To see the email that was sent out to them, please click   here

1. Set Up Company

Invite administrators and board members, add your company information and set the signatories for each security type. You will still be able to edit by going to "Settings" and "Access pages."

2. Import cap table

For compliance and accuracy, we require your law firm to complete this section. Law firms can import your cap table by uploading equity plan documents, upload our complete excel template with your data. Once the law firm is done, they will have a chance to view the entire cap table.  

3. Add Cap Table Details 

We require your law firm to complete this section. Law firms can upload governing documents, add authorized shares, add historical fair market values and do a final check of the cap table. 

Fair Market Values

We require fair market values. If your client needs a 409A report with Carta, they can sign up after the onboarding is complete. If there is no 409A yet, you can add "Board determined" or "Other" FMVs  and correct them at a later date. This allow exercises even without a third party valuation. Select the "Go to Task" under the fifth step.

First enter the effective date. Make sure this covers the date of your first equity award issuance.

Next, enter in your Common FMV and choose a source.  Never had a 409A valuation? Use "Board Determined" value as your source. For new companies, this may also be a par value.

For 409A reports, a file of the report is required.

To create a new FMV period, click the green plus button to create a new row.

4. Finishing up

Verify data

Sign to verify that you and your law firm have reviewed and confirmed all of the data in Carta. We will send securities to signatories for signature. 

Sign Securities 

This will NOT send emails to security holders. Security holders only get notified when the onboarding is complete.  

Request Activation

You are all set! Your onboarding manager will be notified by email when you click on "Request Activation." If you have any questions in the meantime, please use our chat window to talk to our customer success team!

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