Sharing my cap table with a stakeholder

On Carta, your stakeholders can request access to their portfolio companies' cap tables from within the product. When that happens a message will be sent to your company's CEO (or in lieu of a CEO, the certificate signatory) letting them know who is requesting access. 

Note: you can change the approver for these requests by clicking here

You can respond to this request in three places:

  • In the email by clicking on 'Share cap table.'
  • When you log in you will be alerted to the cap table request as a new task. Here you can see which person and which organization requested access and click 'Grant access.'
  • Navigate to 'Information sharing,' under the 'Stakeholders' dropdown then select the organization you want to give access to and then select 'Set access' under 'Actions.' From here you can select the level of access you would like to provide to the organization as demonstrated in the screenshot below:
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