Company Dashboard Overview

To get a snap shot view of your company's activities on Carta as of today's date click on ' Summary' under Company. 


Number of electronic exercises that are in progress.

Board Approval

Most recent board approvals.


Latest financing status.

Latest Transactions

Most recent securities that were issued, cancelled and repurchased. It also shows the latest option grants that were exercised. 

Cap table Summary

Stakeholder view of the company's cap table starting with the top 5 stakeholders with the highest ownership percentage.  By clicking on ' View cap table', you can see the stakeholder view in detail. 

Revenue and Net Income (Loss)

History of the company's revenue and net income/loss over the past year on a monthly basis.

Cash Balance

History of the company's cash balance on a monthly basis.


History of the company's Common FMV from inception to today. As well as current active company FMV.

Securities Status

Number of securities that have been accepted, sent to officer, or sent to stakeholder.


Number of pending exercises that need approval or have payment is in progress.