How do I find the price per share and the par value?

Par value is the minimum price per share that the shares must be issued. Par value is usually set at $0.001 or $0.0001 per share as stated in the corporate charter.

1. To view the par value of a share class, click on 'Shares' under Securities and then 'Manage Share Classes,'  then 'Edit share classes.'

2. A popup will appear, then click 'Edit share class.' 

3. You can edit the par value on the next screen here:

4. You next need to click on "Modify

Par value can be also found in the front legend of the stock certificate. 

5. Click on the certificate image to see the par value or 'Print certificate.'

4. The price per share is listed in the detail section of the certificate and should list the price that the investor paid for per share

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