Running a Vesting Report

To run a vesting report, click on 'Reports' under Capitalization.

1. Select number of stakeholders.

'All stakeholders' report will search through all certificates and option grants on the ledgers and may take up to 5 minutes depending on the number of stakeholders. 

2. Add a date - the report will show certificates and option grants with issue dates on or before this date. 

3. Click 'Export' and then wait for the download to complete.

4. The excel report can have up to three tabs. First two tabs show vesting information per security. 

5. Vesting Period Start Date will show the earliest vesting start date of the grants or certificates.

Vesting Period End Date will default to the date you entered. You can also run a report for a different date range, including for a future period, without having to export another report. 

6. Key columns are as follows: 

  • Total shares : total number of shares issued
  • Total Vested : total number of vested shares as of Vesting Period End Date. If the vesting start date of the resulting security falls within the chosen date range. If a grant was terminated or a certificate was cancelled or repurchased during the chosen date range then vesting will stop as of the termination, cancellation or repurchase date. 
  • Exercised : exercised shares as of Vesting Period End Date. 
  • End of period number vested and outstanding : Total Vested - Exercised. 

7. 'Vesting Details' tab shows tranche by tranche data per security. 

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