Change Stakeholder Permissions

Companies can manage permissions for their stakeholders from the ‘Information Access’ page. 

To change your stakeholders' permissions, navigate to  'Cap table access'. This page displays stakeholders who have accepted securities for your company and information about when they invested and their ownership percentage in your company. To edit or set the level of access, first check the box to the left of the investor, then click 'Set Access' at the top of the page. 

**Anyone with the ability to edit the company on the 'Permissions and Roles' page can view the 'Cap table access' page and investor viewing permissions.**

You are able to determine permissions for your stakeholders. There are five different cap table views that you can grant: detailed access, intermediate access, summary access, fully diluted access, or no access. There are also two permission sets for sharing financials with stakeholders: detailed access or no access. Choose the permission set that is most appropriate for each stakeholder.

After you have selected the proper permissions for a shareholder, click Save.'

**If you have made any changes to a stakeholder’s permissions, they will be notified automatically via email.**

The 'Cap table access’ page will update to show the permissions that your stakeholders have been granted. For more information regarding what a user can see, hover over the permissions on the page.

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