Manage your Company Library

The 'Library' section is where you can upload Incorporation Documents, Securities Filings, Closing Volumes, Minute Books, Disclosures, and other documents.

Incorporation Documents

Choose 'Add' to update the Certificates of Incorporation. Choose 'Edit' to modify the existing documents.

Securities Filing

Closing Volumes

Closing Volumes appear based on the existing share classes and note terms in your cap table. If you are adding closing volumes for a new equity or debt round, you will need to issue the new securities first. To issue new securities, click 'Shares' or 'Convertibles' under Securities.

Once the securities have been issued, the share class or note block will appear in your Library. Click 'Edit,' enter the closing date, document name, and upload the documents. All investors on Carta who have participated in that round will receive an email notification from Carta that these documents have been uploaded and will be granted access to securely view and download.

Minute Book 

Click 'Edit' to add or modify Board and Shareholder approvals.


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