Issue Share Certificates - Bulk Import

From the home screen, choose the portfolio you would like to work in. 

1. Click on 'Shares' under Securities, then click 'Draft shares' under the 'Add shares' drop-down. 

Note: If you are not able to access the 'Draft Shares' button, check your permissions on the Access page

2.  Click the drop-down next to 'Add certificates' and select 'Import multiple certificates.'

3. Download the template and change the information to your desired specifications. Then, upload the file and click 'Next: match spreadsheet columns.'

4. If your spreadsheet uses different column headings than the certificate fields, match them to the appropriate field. Then hit 'Next: review data.'

5. If there is an error, go back and correct them on the spreadsheet to re-upload the spreadsheet. If there are no errors,  click 'Import data.'

6. Select all the certificates you wish to be sent for officer signatures. Then, click 'Send.

Note: Users at "Company editor" level are able to draft the certificates up to Step 5, but "Legal Administrator" must issue at Step 6

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