How to Connect to Zenefits

To connect Zenefits to Carta, navigate to 'Settings' under Company. 

1. Click 'Profile' to check that the Tax ID field is filled in. 

2. Then click 'Financials and HR' to find Zenefits and click on 'Connect.'

3. Click 'Authorize' in the Zenefits workflow. 

4. Sign in to your Zenefits account to complete the integration. 

You will see a "Connected" message under Human Resources. 

Now when an employee accepts their offer, their option grant appears under “Zenefits Drafts” in Carta. Board approve the grants and hit send when you’re ready:

When employees are terminated in Zenefits, it will trigger a notice to all Carta administrators. The notification prompts them to terminate any outstanding securities in Carta:

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