Exercise Options on Carta Via Wire

Now you are able to exercise through Carta using a wire transfer for non US employees.

Note: The wire transfer will need to be completed outside of Carta through your banking provider. Carta does not wire the funds. Once the funds are wired, the company approver will issue a stock certificate for you through Carta.

1. Go to 'Portfolio' under Holdings and click 'Exercise.'

2. Confirm that your Name, Mailing Address and Social Security Number are correct. Then, click 'Next.'

3. Enter the number of options to exercise, then click "Sign and exercise".

Note: Wire instructions will be emailed to you after the exercise is approved by the Company.

4. After reviewing the attached equity incentive plan, option agreement, and exercise agreement and confirming you have read and understand all documents - type your name to sign.

5. Finally, a notice will be sent to the company approver to approve the exercise. 

Once the exercise is approved, the wire instructions will be emailed to you. Here is the sample email with wire instructions :

In your portfolio, you will see the "Exercise pending" note for 5-9 business days. You can cancel a grant by clicking on "Cancel," however, you will not be able to cancel the exercise once it is approved by the company's exercise approver. 

When the company receives the wire transfer and confirms receipt of the funds the resulting certificate will be created.

Once the certificate is signed by company officers it will be sent to you to accept.

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