Exercise Expiration Notice

Options typically expire for due to a termination or due to the grant life expiration date.
For holders that have vested, exercisable options, a notification will be sent to holders at several intervals before the expiration date. Notifications will be sent 21, 10, 5 and 1 day(s) before the expiration date.
The information that is sent reflects the type of exercising the company has set up in Carta.

For companies that have ACH enabled on Carta, the email provides instructions for option holders to connect their bank account and exercise:

Learn more about enabling an employee's ability to exercise.

For companies that do not have ACH enabled, the email directs them to reach out to the issuing company to exercise:

Carta does not send out a notification email if the exercise expiration window expires before the 21-day threshold or if no shares have vested at the time of termination.

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