Updating Expiration Dates on Terminated Grants

If there is an incorrect expiration date (the date that shows in the banner and on the grant details) on a terminated grant, this can be updated through the following workflow.

1. Go to the Securities > Equity Awards page.

2. Search for the desired option grant and click on the grey "v" on the right of its row to select "reverse termination" from the drop-down menu.

3. After the option grant's termination has been reversed, the next part is to re-terminate with the correct termination or exercise expiration dates.

Learn more on terminating stakeholders.

If needed, you can correct the change in relationship from the Stakeholders > all stakeholders page. From here, click on "v" to the right of the stakeholder's row and select "Edit stakeholder properties" to edit the effective date of the relationship. 

NOTE: Changing the post-termination exercise periods can have tax and accounting consequences so consult your legal administrators before making any changes

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