Accelerate Vesting

You can accelerate vesting schedules in Carta automatically.

1. To accelerate a vesting schedule, navigate to 'Equity awards' under Securities then click on the drop-down arrow for the appropriate certificate. Then select 'Accelerate vesting.'

Note:  'Accelerate Vesting' is not available for exercised grants, ISO/NSO split grants, or grants with milestone vesting schedules. For these cases, please contact

2. Enter the "Vesting acceleration date" and "Accelerated quantity."

As you enter the quantity, you will be able to preview the schedule. It will automatically calculate and create a modified vesting schedule for you.  Accelerated quantity will be pulled from the next consecutive tranches until the last modified tranche shows the remaining balance from the previous vesting schedule.

  • The checked tranches indicate vested tranches.
  • The tranches shaded in blue indicate the updated tranches.
  • The tranches shaded in green indicate a new tranche added to the schedule.

3. Click 'Next: add acceleration reason' at the bottom of the popup to add the modification reason, then save the acceleration. The schedule title is automatically noted as "Accelerated."

You can review the accelerated vesting schedule in the "vesting schedule" tab of the security details.

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