Enable wire exercises

Companies can enable wire exercises for option holders with non-US addresses. 

To allow your option holders to view wire instructions when exercising their option grants, please contact us at support@carta.com with your wire account information, we can then enable the feature on our end.

This article shows the exercise process from the option holder's perspective.

Note: The wire transfer will need to be completed outside of Carta through your banking provider. Carta does not wire the funds. Once the funds are wired, the company approver will issue a stock certificate for you through Carta. 

Once the option holder exercises with wire as their payment source, the company exercise approver will get the message below.  

Exercise approvers can click on review option exercise or log in to approve the exercise.  Once the exercise is approved, the wire instructions will be emailed to the option holder. 

Here is the sample email with wire instructions that are sent to the option holder:

To finalize the exercise the exercise approver needs to confirm payment on Carta

Confirm the payment and enter the date the payment was received. This is the issue date of the resulting stock certificate for the option holder. 

Company officers will receive notification to review and sign the resulting stock certificate.

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