Carta Integration with Zenefits

Carta now integrates with Zenefits, the all-in-one HR platform. Connecting Zenefits and Carta notifies the right people at the right times. Here are the key benefits you get from the integration:

Drafting option grants in Zenefits

You can now draft option grants in Zenefits when creating offer letters. Vesting schedules, equity plan names, and security types are pulled from Carta, so you can select from the details you already created and saved:

On the screen above, please select the Option Plan, the option type (ISO/NSO), the vesting schedule template, and add the quantity of the security. 

When an employee accepts an offer and completes onboarding process in Zenefits, the option grant appears as a draft in Carta. 

The administrator can then update the missing information (vesting start date, document set etc), get it board approved and issue the option grant on Carta platform.

Notifying Carta administrators of terminated employees

Zenefits triggers an email to Carta administrators when an employee is terminated. The notification prompts the Carta administrator to terminate any outstanding securities:

Creating stakeholder profiles in Carta

Stakeholder details — like employee ID numbers and employment types — flow from Zenefits into Carta. This lets you track and run reports on employees between the two systems.

To learn about connecting to Zenefits, see this article here.

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