Verify bank account for ACH exercises for employees

Before turning on electronic exercises for option grants, you must set up your bank account on Carta.  

NOTE: only US companies and employees can use the ACH exercise workflow

1. Navigate to 'Settings' under Company, then click 'Payment Information'  to set up your bank account. 

Click here to learn about setting up your bank account on Carta. 

Once you set up your bank account, you will see button to "verify account".

Two small test deposits will be made into your bank account in 1-3 business days. These test deposits will come from either  "ACH Credit ESHARES INC - DUES" or "ESHARES INC PAYROLL PPD".

2. After you have received the test deposits to your bank account, return to the 'Accounts' and enter the first deposit as the "First value," and the second deposit as the "Second value."   

Once status changes to "Verified," you can electronically exercise your grant.

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